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More templates like this. Book manuscript. Word · Book collection list. Excel · Tech booklet. Word · Floral booklet. Word. Thousands of templates to jump start. Download free Book Templates for your Book Printing project. InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Word; All text files must be in our design templates. Design your own book layout for print in Microsoft Word with these free book formatting templates and tutorials!.

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Book Template For Word

Download FREE book layout templates for self-publishers. Get help with book design cover layout in Microsoft Word, Pages, Adobe InDesign, & other programs !. Content templates PDF Download your favorite PDF-templates. From a personal Free starter kit with a digital guide 'Write a book' + Word and PDF templates. Download our Free Microsoft Word Book Templates. Watch the video tutorials to learn how to create a Book Template in Word, and other software.

EBooks created as PDF files are a handy way to distribute information on the web. Here I'll show you how to make a customisable eBook template in Word. I'll design the template with a cover, table of contents and chapters already in place and use Heading styles so the table of contents is easy to create. Getting Started Start with a new document and type text placeholders for the book's cover details. This data includes the book title, a second line of information, the author name and any other information for the cover. Format the title using Title style, the second line using Subheading style and use Emphasis for the Author and other information.

They'll be set up so that you can send us a single PDF file with back cover, spine and front cover all together on one page. The book cover templates for Word, however, will be a little different. Microsoft Word is really not designed for page layout and design.

Even for a real expert, trying to lay out a book cover in Word can be a challenge. Therefore, we made it simple for you.

You'll get single page files for both the front and back cover. Do the layout on these, then convert them to PDFs.

Send us the two PDF files, and we'll put them together and add a spine for you. It's that simple!

Book content

Live Chat. Right now you have no data for the table and you'll be warned about this. Creating Chapters To create the first chapter, type Chapter 1 and format this using Heading 1 style. Below this type a placeholder for the body text and format it with Normal style. If you intend using multiple subtitles within a chapter, copy the subtitle and body text prompts and paste them multiple times into the page.

Repeat the process of inserting the chapter title, subheading and body text for Chapter 2 and format them using Heading 1, Heading 2 and Normal styles. Create Chapter 3 the same way and then include a note in the eBook template telling a user how to create subsequent chapters for their book.

Type the data that you want to appear in the header into the header. Brittania, Focus, Leadership. Childrens Templates: Affection, Delightful, Quest. The Author Series pays homage to some of the finest authors of the last hundred years, bringing the designs for their books into the present.

Each template design draws on the works of a famous author, and provides a container for your own works.

How to create a Booklet or Book with Microsoft Word

While we've kept these designs faithful to the spirit of each author's work, we've also brought them up to date to enable today's authors to create truly classic print and ebooks. Our premade cover designs let you quickly choose a professionally-designed cover at an exceptional price. And customization is easy because we place your book title and author name right on the cover for you. It's the perfect mix of "done for you" and "pre-designed" at a smart price.

Plus, we'll send you our "Book Construction Blueprint" eBook for free. You'll also get on our early notification list so you'll be the first to learn about our free training events, special sales, and subscriber-only deals on our new products.

Free Book Templates for your Manuscript

By the way, we value your privacy and will never spam you. Content creators drop their Word files into one of the templates, follow the easy-to-use guide and then export out both print PDFs and eBook Epub formats.

Users can take those files, upload them into IngramSpark and they work like magic. These templates are pure genius! There is so much built into your template, why would anybody want anything different? These templates are wonderful! Quick Start Guide Training: Built to industry-standard specifications, our pre-designed templates will make your book stand out, without all of those newbie mistakes.

Handcrafted by an award-winning book designer, our exciting technology allows you to format your book for both print and eBooks at the same time, using a program you already own and know how to use, and without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars hiring a designer. On Sale. Learn More. See All of Our Designs. Check Out Our New Covers. Check Out Our Interior Service.

Hand-Crafted Design We have our roots in classic book design, and our templates show it.

Choose your favorite template | Create My Books

Fully Customizable Our templates use all of the built-in features of Word, Pages or InDesign so that you can completely customize your book layout and design as you like. Detailed Instructions We include fully illustrated instructions for using the template at every step of the way.

Complete Support Our templates include access to our professional technical support and customer service staff who are delighted to help you.

Productivity Through Innovation. All of our designs are engineered to export to both eBook and Print, so you can create your print edition, eBook edition, or both, with the same file, using our exclusive 2Way Technology. We include versions of the templates in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Adobe InDesign, so you have the ultimate choice in which tool you wan to use to format your book, with every download.

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