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Download free Mechanical Engineering Study Material Gate Psu Ebooks, Study Material, Notes Rank, , , , , , Result .. best site which help us by providin all notes & easy to download as pdf.. thank u a lot Reply. GATE Study Material for Mechanical Engineering - Free download as PDF File . pdf), Text Here is list of some important and must download books for Gate ME ANALYSIS OF GATE Mechanical Engineering. Mechanics. 6%. Strength of. Materials. 6%. Theory of Machines. 12% Mechanical Engineering [Set – 1].

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Gate 2014 Material For Mechanical Engineering Pdf

3. ANALYSIS OF GATE Mechanical Engineering. Engineering. Mathematics. 13%. Engineering. Mechanics. 3%. Strength of. Materials. 5%. Theory of. Download GATE Mechanical Engineering Previous Years Question Papers Collections With Key Link is Successfully Activated to save the Book/Material ( PDF) DOWNLOAD – SET 1 – GATE Question Paper with Solution (Key). Gate syllabus of gate for mechanical engineering pdf GATE. Materials, Theory of Machines, Vibrations, Machine Design, Fluid Mechanics.

A India is a union of 28 states and 7 union territories. B India has a population of over 1. C India is home to 22 official languages and thousands of dialects. D The Indian cricket team draws players from over ten states. Answer: C Exp: Diversity is shown in terms of difference language 2. The value of one U. The multi-level hierarchical pie chart shows the population of animals in a reserve forest. The correct conclusions from this information are: i Butterflies are birds ii There are more tigers in this forest than red ants iii All reptiles in this forest are either snakes or crocodiles iv Elephants are the largest mammals in this forest A i and ii only B i , ii , iii and iv C i , iii and iv only D i , ii and iii only Answer: D Exp: It is not mentioned that elephant is the largest animal 8. A man can row at 8 km per hour in still water. If it takes him thrice as long to row upstream, as to row downstream, then find the stream velocity in km per hour.

A batch of one hundred bulbs is inspected by testing four randomly chosen bulbs. The batch is rejected if even one of the bulbs is defective. A batch typically has five defective bulbs.


Probabilities that none of the bulbs is defectives 4 95 ? A group consists of equal number of men and women. Given P M 0.

The definite integral 3 1 1 dx x? Sastry , K. Venkateswarlu if i remember both the volumes. Probability , statistics and queuing theory by S. Kapoor Numerical Methods by S.

GATE Previous Year Question Papers with Answers

Williams , TMH publications In this post, I tried to compile the results to the best possible way to help students. If you find something wrong or missing please do not hesitate to drop a comment. Your suggestion and comments would help thousands of students across the nation.

Do never hesitate to ask a question, some us of would definitely answer your queries. On the same time I would recommend you to used search on the site to find out if we have already discussed it. There are many things that we have already talked about and visitor asks them again and again. Tech admission and other engineering information.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead. Keep working hard and realize the dreams. Tweet 3 6 Related posts: Mechanical Engineering: My Selling Price of the material is extremely less as compared to the original material.

[PDF] Civil Engineering GATE Previous Years Questions Fully Comprehensively Solved | The Gate Hunt

If you are interested please email me at vkvishu gmailcom Note: So it is highly recommended to get these material at very nominal cost. Believe me if study from these material you can easily crack GATE Please email me at vkvishu gmail. GATE exam is online and the questions asked are objective type. There are two types of questions: multiple choice and numerical answer type.

There are 3 sections. They do not require much preparation. The course for the Mathematics portion is vast but the questions asked are relatively easy.

It would be better to cover all the topics as it is high scoring portion. Most questions are short and based on direct application of formulae. The most important part is chemical engineering.

[PDF] Mechanical Engineering GATE Previous Years Question Papers Collections With Key (Solutions)

This section is comparatively difficult and requires sincere effort. My strategy was to first concentrate on developing concepts rather than going for solving numerical straightaway. I never tried to mug up the formulae. If any concept was not clear, I used different sources till that concept become very clear to me.

I found that making notes is very useful; it helps in sorting out the important formulae and concepts. It increases concentration and clarity in study since in notes making process you have to think what to include in the note and what not.

Made Easy Books

It is also useful for quick revision before tests as the syllabus is vast and revising from books is not convenient. I tried to cover all the topics. Selective study is not useful for GATE, since you cannot predict which topic may have a substantial number of questions in the paper.

In the last 2 months I solved previous years question papers of GATE as it gives an understanding of the question pattern and covers all important concepts asked in GATE examination. I kept the last week before the exam for revising the formulae and the basic concepts.

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